Sunday, July 06, 2008

Cut It Out!

A few weeks ago Gran and Poppa came down to Knoxville to help me watch Rose Marie while Brandy and Virginia went to the beach in South Carolina. We had a great Father's Day (yes, I'm playing catch-up here) and had a wonderful time playing with everyone in the pool at De De and Pop Pop's house before the girls left town.

Aunt Ellen even made the trip down for Father's Day to hang with the little jumping machine.

Also before they left, Brandy decided it was time to trim Virginia's ever-growing mane. We had never cut her hair before, so we made it a mini-event with popcorn and a movie to watch while being styled.

She did very good, not even complaining when she had to pick around the bits of hair that had fallen in her snack bowl.

In the end, not a lot of hair came off Virginia's head, but another milestone was reached in the Downing home.

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a said...

Virginia has the most amazing hair I have ever seen on a child. It's gorgeous! I can't wait to see her new 'do in person!

- Amanda M.