Monday, May 26, 2008

Root, Root, Root for the Home Team

This Memorial Day weekend we decided to stick close to home. On Friday we celebrated by heading out to watch our minor league baseball team, the Tennessee Smokies, play a night game. Virginia was prepped and ready to catch a foul ball with her princess baseball glove.

We had a great time watching the game, Virginia liked the food and the environment, happily clapping along to the organ and yelling the chants. Brandy spent most of her time worried about shielding Rose Marie's head from foul balls.

I also went and snapped a picture to prove it.

Overall we enjoyed about 2 innings of watching baseball and 4 innings of watching Virginia run around the play area before heading back home. Both girls were still awake when we arrived at 10pm, but they slept in nice and late the next morning making it all worth it.


carley said...

brandy looks great!

Jason V said...

danny looks great too!