Sunday, March 23, 2008

March Madness

No, not that March Madness (go Hilltoppers!!). The kind of March madness that occurs when the Easter holiday and spring break collide at our household.

It started with Virginia joining her friend Grant at an Easter parade and egg hunt at her school. The parade was a great success.

Though the egg hunt was only moderately successful. While other children were gathering dozens of eggs, Virginia left the hunt after picking up only six eggs and proceeded to open the buffet early by digging into the cookies. (Note the eggs "hidden" under V's bench, of absolutely no interest to her.)

Virginia usually goes to "school" three mornings a week, so during spring break Brandy had to work extra hard to keep our busybody child active. Luckily, when faced with this daunting challenge, Knoxville mothers band together and form the mightiest of weapons: the playgroup.

First, Virginia joined the fellas for a little snack in the safari vehicle at the Knoxville Zoo, a frequent stop for the family this week.

We hosted a children's Easter egg hunt at our house last weekend in which Virginia got a little better at the actual hunting. She continued to be good at the cookie eating.

Look, Rose Marie was there, too (with De De and Pop Pop)!

Later in the week, V and Rose Marie joined a group of Knoxville kids on an excursion to the Little Ponderosa Zoo where Virginia got to ride a pony...

pet a gigantic bull...

and enjoy a gorgeous day looking at deer, pigs, goats, ostrich and camels with all her friends.


Jason V said...

Looks like a good spring break. Next year, I'm spending mine with the Downings!

Spring Break Knoxville 2009! Woohoo!

Anonymous said...

What a really FUN week with all your friends. Pop Pop & I sure did have fun at the Easter Party too!
Love you,
DeDe and Pop Pop

carley said...

bet it's hard being a toppers fan in knoxville right now. glad you guys had such a fun easter!