Thursday, October 11, 2007

Game On!

It's here! The baby name bracket for baby #2.

Click on the image, print out the bracket and fill out your guesses. Brandy and I have already determined the winner of every game, with the final two names ending up as the baby's first and middle name. Her name's in there somewhere...can you find it?

You can give completed brackets to Brandy or myself, any of the grandparents, or mail them to us at:

Danny Downing
PO Box 11254
Knoxville, TN 37939

Since it's baby #2, we figured we'd make it $2 per bracket (one per person), winner take all. At the first of each month we'll post the updated bracket with each round's winners and a list of the player point total and rankings. If all goes according to plan, on January 31st of next year you'll all discover the name of Downing child #2.

The first round will be revealed on November 1st, so get your brackets in to us by then. Good luck!

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