Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Adventures of the Fall Fairy

Last Friday, Jupiter Entertainment (Brandy's employer) hosted it's annual harvest party. Last year, 2-month old Virginia dressed up as a cheerleader. This year, she and Brandy went as fairies, complete with wings and wands.

Virginia also got to experience her first-ever bouncy house. After a little trepidation, she got into the jumping and even went down the inflatable slide.

On Saturday we took advantage of the warm weather and journeyed back to the Knoxville Zoo. Brandy took Virginia on her first carousel ride, choosing the raccoon over the bunny because the raccoon moved up and down during the ride.

Then on Monday we attempted another first. In an effort to counter Virginia's late night 'fussy' hours, we constructed a fort downstairs in her playroom. Who knew that a simple sheet overhead would keep a tired child happy for over an hour?

If this continues to make her happy, I have a feeling we'll change the status of Fort Downing from a temporary structure to a permanent base.


gran said...

What darling fairies! I can't wait to see them in person. I love the playroom. It looks like it turned out really cute. See you all Friday! I love you!

ant ellen said...

you all look so fairitastic! why didn't you dress up, Danny? there are boy fairies, too, ya know. Seeing the fort brings back some great memories of our forts...just don't miss the yummy smells you and david left! :)

a said...

Brandy and Virginia are the cutest fairies ever!