Friday, August 18, 2006

Batter Up

Tomorrow is Virginia's first birthday. While we're only having a very small family gathering, it's elevated into a big deal here at the Downing household. After all, it's the only first birthday she will ever have. What should we put on the menu, what kind of decorations, what present is too much, too little, too big for our little girl?

Maybe the first birthday is such a huge deal because then you're too busy to reflect on the fact that a year, a full year, has passed since you went to the hospital and they sent you home with a beautiful lump of a human. And now that beautiful lump of a human is a laughing, running, tantrum-throwing, loving little girl.

So Brandy and I aren't reflecting on that.

We're merely trying to get through the perfect, most memorable, not too over-the-top, first birthday. And, of course, that starts with the cake.

On Thursday night, our friend Cindy came over to help Brandy bake Virginia's birthday cake. I didn't know much about it, the only thing I knew was pink. And it turned out, the only thing Virginia cared about was the cake batter.

Since Virginia's not going to be reading the blog, we'll give you all a little preview of the cake. It turned out wonderfully, and we can't thank Cindy enough for dealing with all the dog barks, baby screams and insane workings of a home on the eve of a first birthday!


matt and carley said...

happy birthday eve virginia! what an awesome cake! can't wait to hear about the you guys!!!!!

a said...

The cake looks terrific! But I'll bet everyone will enjoy the way it looks even more when it's smeared from Virginia's hair to her toes!

Happy birthday, sweet Virginia!


J said...

Smaller party = bigger pieces of cake.

Hope ya'll had a good one.

JamyeO said...

A year already??!!
Happy Birthday, Virginia!