Wednesday, May 17, 2006


We've had quite a busy week in the Downing household, but it hasn't made it's way onto the blog. So here's a mega-update for you all.

Last week we toted my childhood rocking chair downstairs for Virginia to try out. Since she's getting bigger, we wanted to see how she fit into it. She loved it...until she fell out onto the carpet. So needless to say, she's not sitting in it anymore.

We had a wonderful first Mother's Day in Knoxville, enjoying some great time with Brandy's mother, too (and father). Here's a picture of Virginia, Mom, and De-De on Mother's Day.

Virginia's also been trying very hard to crawl. She usually sees the best results if there is something that she REALLY wants to get to in front of her. Lately, that's been Chowder, as you can see from these pictures of her trying to get to him on Monday.

And Virginia continues to eat more and more types of foods. Her beans.

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