Sunday, March 05, 2006


A look back...


De De said...

WOW...Pops and I loved the look at Funky Virginia....this was terrific!!! Virginia you are just precious. How wonderful to see how you have grown in 6 months :-)
We love you!!!
DeDe & Pops

ant ellen said...

how cool! you are one funky gal, virginia, and so are your parents!it's amazing how fast you grow. can't wait to chase chowder with you soon! :)
love you!
this is awesome!

J said...

Keep bouncing, Virginia. Nice video, D!

JamyeO said...

I love it!
I'm soooo sorry that we missed you this weekend in Nashville. Crazy times, with two sets of out-of-town guests, birthday parties, and an Oscar's event.
We will definitely catch up soon.

a said...

I LOVE this! (The shot of Virginia asleep in her jumper is the most precious thing I've ever seen.)

Derek said...

That's a great video -- good job Danny. Virginia is a funky little mama! DR