Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Checked Up

Virginia went in to the doctor for her (slightly belated) six month checkup on Tuesday. The little lady is now up to 18 1/2 pounds. She's still at the 90th percentile in weight but her head size has now joined her body in the 90th percentile. Amazingly, she's continuing to get longer, as well, as she's now up to the 75th percentile in height. Brandy and I are pretty sure she's related to us, but we're also beginning to wonder if she's going to end up being taller than us.

We've started a new game here in the Downing household. Bubbles.


gran said...

Way to grow Virginia! That bubble game looks like so much fun. I'll bet Chowder likes playing that game also! Love you all!

De De said...

How much FUN~~~~Bubbles :-)
How cute you look Virginia trying to catch your bubbles. I can't wait to play with you next Thursday.