Sunday, February 12, 2006

Good for Your Heart

Virginia got a double dose of things good for her heart this weekend as her grandparents came down for a visit and she started eating green beans.

First, Casual Friday turned into Grandparents Friday as Gran and Grandpa Joe traveled down early to see their little granddaughter for the first time since the holidays. The first thing they got to see was Virginia try her first vegetable, which we don't think she actually enjoyed. You be the judge from this photographic evidence.

One thing Virginia DID enjoy, though, was having some good quality time with her grandparents. Especially when there were animals involved. Like when she got to sit around with Gran and Monkey Chase.

Or when Grandpa Joe bounced her up and down on his knee while making horse noises.

All in all is was a great weekend and we can't wait to do it again.


grams said...

She is really growing like a weed! I know Gran & Grandpa Joe had a great time... this grandparent thing is wunnerful!

Love ya! Aunt Jane (aka:Grams)

gran said...

Virginia sure did my heart good too! We had such a great time especially the bouncy kisses.

Love you guys!