Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Knoxville Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Christmas started for us at Virginia's Dee Dee and Pops' house for a gathering of the Abernethy clan. We had several cute outfits picked out for Virginia to wear over the holidays, but after just a few minutes of wearing the first one, Virginia let it be known that she just wasn't that into cute this year. After one crying fit and a frantic undressing, Virginia was ready for a comfortable Christmas, and all our cute outfits were out the window.

Virginia enjoyed a great Christmas Eve with the Abernethys and she loved watching all the presents being opened. By the end of the night, she was one tuckered out little lady.

Christmas morning was wonderfully lazy with tired aunts and uncles, exhausted dogs and a delicious breakfast.

Just before we packed up and left for Kentucky, we realized we hadn't taken a group picture yet. Nothing says Christmas morning like bed head and pajamas.

And now I can't get any additional photos to upload...Christmas update will continue tomorrow.

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De De said...

This was the best Christmas ever!!! Now that sweet little Virginia is with us....we love you Virginia...you are so cute and it is OK if you do not want to wear all those dressy clothes!!! We sure had a fun time with you. Chowder and cousin Jake sure had fun too.
Pops & DeeDee