Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Solids, Virginia...Virginia, Solids

Virginia had her big 4-month checkup on Tuesday and she did great! After being stretched and weighed, we discovered that she's up to 15 lbs 11 ozs and is now 24 3/4 inches tall (over 2 feet!). She's bulked up into the 90th percentile in weight and is up to th 50th percentile in height (up from 25th last time).

Virginia also got her first set of shots since she's learned how to squeal, and boy did she let the nurse know that she'd been practicing at home. After big tears and hugs from mom (and lots of funny faces from dad) Virginia crashed, exhausted from the ordeal.

Our other big development is that the doctor told us to go ahead and start introducing solid foods into her diet. We got some rice cereal and began trying to get her to eat it last night. Most of it ended up on her chin and bib. After the long day of exhausting shots, a new type of food and extra effort at eating, little Virginia was tuckered out and slept in the latest she ever has (9:30!).


ant ellen said...

what a big girl! maybe she can have some mushy christmas cookies now!

Danny said...

Sure she can have cookies...if they're made entirely out of rice cereal and mixed with formula!

J said...

Food face! Food face!

The rice is much cuter going in than it is coming out. Looking forward to that post already.

Jason V

Anonymous said...

sweetie I'd love to feed u something that looks just like that but tastes MUCH better