Monday, November 14, 2005

They Came From Kentucky

This weekend our friends Jason and Amanda came down to visit us from Morehead, Kentucky. They brought their newest addition, Henry, with them to meet Virginia. Henry is two months older than Virginia so he's been a great 'preview' for Brandy and I, allowing us to see what Virginia might be doing in a couple of months.

What a photogenic family! In anticipation of Henry's visit, we spent days telling Virginia just how evil boys are. Apparently she listened.

OK, so that's not actually true, I just had some good crybaby pictures. The children actually got along great and had a wonderful time playing together while the parents sat back and watched.

One of our most entertaining moments came when we were initially introducing the youngsters to each other. Luckily Amanda was recording the whole thing. You can copy and paste the following URL to see it:

1 comment:

De De said...

Virginia, ya gotta watch out for that left hook punch.
Your friend Henry is a cutie but, DeeDee needs to talk to you about boys!
I love you!