Thursday, November 03, 2005

Curly Sue

When Virginia was born, she came out with a full head of hair. She really hasn't lost any of it, it just continues to get longer and longer. We've been a bit curious as to whether it's going to end up blonde or brown, and whether it would be straight or curly. We're constantly speculating, "does it look lighter today than last week?" "I bet she's going to be a strawberry blonde." Etc.

So you know how when you get out of the shower and your hair starts to dry, it starts to curl up? Well, while we were in Glasgow, Virginia had a great bath and, when we turned around, her hair had given us the best look at what it would probably end up looking like.

OK, so that's actually her Ant Ellen's hair draped over Virginia's head, but who knows, it might just end up looking like that.


gran said...

I won't leave that sweet little Virginia alone with you 4 kids again! Bless her heart!

De De said...

Little Virginia you are so you in curly hair. Looks like Mom,Dad,Aunt Ellen & Uncle David sure had fun playing with you.