Monday, October 17, 2005

Out and About

Friday night Brandy and I decided to take Virginia out to a restaurant with us to eat. To make it easy on us this first time, we decided to go to one of our favorite little Mexican restuarant that's only 5 minutes from our house. We fed Virginia, rocked her to sleep, strapped her into her car seat and went off to La Playa at about 6 o'clock, hoping it would be relatively empty. It was, but we needn't have worried, Virginia dozed practically the whole time at our table. She woke up near the end of our meal, but just stared around her, enthralled by the new surroundings.

Here's a picture of Virginia and I comparing breath after our meals. I think my mole chicken breath smelled better.

1 comment:

ant ellen said...

heehee...lil' virginia is so precious i can't wait to make silly faces and cuddle soon!! yippee!! can't wait to blow cookie breath on daddy danny either!!