Friday, October 28, 2005

My Old Kentucky Home

Last weekend found the Downing family making its first trip as a family to the great state of Kentucky. We spent the weekend in Glasgow at Gran and Grandpa Joe's house where Virginia and Chowder got the attention and Mom and Dad got the rest. Virginia finally got a chance to see where her Dad grew up and got to meet all the wonderful members of his family.

First off she took a trip up to see her Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa. Virginia did a great job hanging out with Great-Grandma and, after a little bit of fussiness, got to chill with Great-Grandpa once she got swaddled.

While at home, Virginia found some new handlers, in addition to the always amazing Gran and Grandpa Joe. She loved staying up late with 'Ant' Ellen and having some girl time in cool clothes. She also made for a captive audience for Uncle David who got to feed her his first bottle.

On Saturday she got to have her biggest day yet as a Sip 'n See was held in her honor. All of great-aunts and uncles and cousins and family friends journeyed to the Downing household to see just exactly who this Virginia lady was. She loved being held by everyone and got a great taste of what it's like to be in our families.

We all sure had a great time in Kentucky and can't wait to get back to visit Gran and Grandpa Joe again soon!!!

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gran said...

Was that JUST last weekend? I sure miss you all. Virginia's bed is all ready to go for her next visit. We're babysitting Jr. this weekend and believe me, it's much different! Virginia cuddles much better!!! Love you all!