Friday, October 07, 2005

Girls' Weekend

This past weekend saw Virginia's first girls' weekend as she traveled up to a cabin outside the Smoky Mountains to hang out with her grandmother, Dee Dee and her Great Aunt Donna. Needless to say, she was showered with love and attention.

Over four days and three nights, the ladies took turns feeding and cooing and dancing with our little lady. Of course, Virginia had ample opportunity to be cute.

She also took some time out to lounge around in the hammock.

Mom definitely loved having two extra, willing hands to help keep Virginia clean, fed and happy. Meanwhile, I had a great time at home having guys' time with Chowder. I think everyone agrees that this might have to be an annual event.

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De De said...

It was a WONDERFUL weekend and I think little Virginia just loved the shopping. Get ready Dad, I think you have a born shopper on your hands. Grandma DeeDee just loved this special time!