Tuesday, October 11, 2005


It seems that fall officially arrived in Knoxville last weekend. Of course that means a variety of different things to us. First it means that it's time to break out our warmer clothes.

It also means that it's football time in Tennessee. Brandy's good friend Amy was in town from Memphis to go to the UT-Georgia football game and stopped by to meet little Virginia.

It also means that Gran and Grandpa Joe got to make a trip south during Gran's fall break to visit. Brandy and I took them up on their offer to watch Virginia while we went out to dinner and a movie. I made sure and took this picture right before we left so we'd have something to show the cops in case they decided to steal away with our child while we were out.

And, of course, fall also means the return of the NFL. Here Virginia practices having a pot-belly and watching the Sunday night game on ESPN. That's my girl!


a said...

Love the pink pajamas picture! -- Amanda

gran said...

Now I understand why I saw the police cruise by the house several times while you were gone! We sure miss Virginia and all her sweet noises! Can't wait to see her on the 22nd! You guys too of course!

Anonymous said...

I would have my hand in the same spot but INSIDE her diaper mmmmmmm nice n tight