Sunday, October 30, 2005


The last weekend in October saw the Downing family attending 2 Halloween parties (one of which even featured live monkeys!!!). Our little cheerleader, Virginia, spent most of her time hanging out with her witchy mom.

Also, we got a visit from Dr. Tobias Funke from the television series Arrested Development. He said he was just stopping by before he went to a blue man group show where he's an understudy.


gran said...

The cheerleader and witch are beautiful. The Blue guy...I'd hated to have to wash that stuff off! Happy First Halloween Virginia! Gran loves you!

a said...

Virginia and Brandy look adorable! Danny, the Tobias get-up is PERFECT! You might want to consider never taking off those cut-offs....
-- Amanda

JamyeO said...

Where's Bob Loblaw??!?!

(Danny, is that you???)

JamyeO said...

...'cuz that's awesome.
It's brilliant!

De De said...

Love all the Boo at the Downings...Virginia is the cutest little cheerleader; "B" you must be a "good witch" look too pretty to be bad; Danny, wonderful Tobias,you sure can't tell who you hard was it to wash all that blue off? Are you still Blue?