Thursday, September 08, 2005

Weekend Continued...

So Chip and Mary weren't the only visitors Virginia had over Labor Day Weekend. Gran and Grandpa Joe also begrudgingly agreed (ha!) to make the trip down over the long weekend to visit their little granddaughter. Somehow I don't remember them ever being this happy to see me after 2 weeks away.

Virginia wasn't the only grandchild happy to see Gran and Grandpa Joe, either. Chowder couldn't tear himself away from his grandparents, even going so far as to help Gran change a diaper.

Chip and Mary stopped by again to hang out a little more with their neice. I think Virginia's pretty sure she's seen her Uncle Chip somewhere before.

After everyone left on Monday, Virginia just wanted to snuggle up tight with her mom. This is one of the moments you live for...a cute peaceful baby sleeping on your chest.

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a said...

Virginia is getting even cuter by the day! And I agree -- chest-sleeping is one of the best feelings in the world. -- Amanda Moore