Saturday, September 24, 2005

Turn it Up to Eleven

It looks like we've got a little rock 'n roller on our hands. For those of you who have had children, you know the world of what 'works' changes from day to day. For instance, Virginia's favorite toy last week, the pacifier, only makes her scream and cry this week.

Well the newest thing that we've discovered about our little lady is that when she's fussy, the best way to calm her down right now is to put on some loud rock music and dance. The music has to have electric guitars in it. Some of the albums that we've found that work belong to such greats as My Morning Jacket, The Flaming Lips and Bon Jovi. But the absolute best album for calming Virginia is the 1993 classic from Smashing Pumpkins, 'Siamese Dream'. Every time we put that album on when she's fussy, she'll continue to scream through the first few bars of the first song, but when the electric guitars hit about 32 beats into 'Cherub Rock', she immediately stops and becomes a completely different child. There has even been a couple of instances where she was screaming and at the exact moment the electric guitars hit, she fell asleep. Amazing.

It's a shame it won't work next week.

(For you techno-philes out there, the screen in the background is from our TiVo. We're using the Home Media Option on our unit to link up to our iTunes library on our computer downstairs. )

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a said...

I love it! Henry was the same way, but he preferred broody guys with softer guitars. And yes, I tried to go back to his old favorite songs the other day to calm him down, and it completely failed. Maybe I should try some Bon Jovi next time....