Saturday, September 17, 2005


This week has seen two significant additions to the Downing household, the pacifier and the bottle. Monday evening Virginia got her first bottle from her dad, and after a bit of trouble, managed to gulp down most of the milk inside. We've also discovered the joys of the pacifier. It seems that Virginia likes nothing better than following up a delicious meal with fifteen minutes of sucking on a pacifier until she falls asleep.

Here are a couple shots of her in her Kick and Play chair in sensory overload mode. Flashing lights, music, vibrating chair and pacifier in the mouth.

Saturday was also a big night here. It was Dad's first night staying home alone with Virginia. Brandy left me with enough milk for a feeding and went off into the night to remind herself of what it's like to be around adults. After a couple hours of dozing periodically interruped by short bursts of crying, Virginia awoke with a vengeance (and an empty belly) around 8:15. After a quick poopy diaper change, she funnelled her milk down and dozed off again, pacifier in mouth. After her friend's birthday party, Brandy arrived back home to discover neither baby nor dad had been broken. I was really glad I could be of such a help to my wife and allow her to enjoy a night out. Plus I earned enough points with my wife that she's going to let me watch football without being interruped by a crying baby tomorrow.

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gran said...

Congrats on a job well done dad! That was the first night of many more to come I'm sure. I'm sure that little angel was no trouble at all.