Monday, September 05, 2005

Big Day Out

Labor Day weekend and the opening game of the UT football season brought Uncle Chip and Aunt Mary to town to see their little niece, so we celebrated by taking Virginia on her first big outing in Knoxville (trips to the doctor's office don't count). Friday night we bundled our little lady up in her first girly outfit. After 2 weeks of nothing but side-snap shirts with mitts, Brandy and I had to chuckle seeing her in a dress because she looked like a completely different child. We equated it to when Scout has to wear a dress to school after a summer of overalls in To Kill a think she looks cute in the new outfit, but you're not accustomed to the new look.

We loaded up the young woman and headed over to Dee Dee and Pops' house for a cookout with the whole family and Mary's parents and sister.

Here Chip and Mary got to meet little Virginia and practice holding her. After a few hours of baby time, we knew their little one that the stork's bringing in April would be in good hands.

Virginia had a great time hanging out with all the family and getting lots of attention. Mom and Dad had a great time letting others look after our child and eating a wonderful meal with adults.

After a few hours, the Downing family trudged home, changed back into our side-snap shirt (in the picture above you can see how Virginia likes to stick her thumb in her mouth, then press her fingernails into her cheeks leaving red scratches, hence the love of the mitted shirts), and collapsed into our beds for a well-earned and only-slightly interrupted slumber.

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De De said...

What a great time we had with all our family. We are especially grateful for our precious little Virginia being with us.