Thursday, August 25, 2005

A Whole New World

We're now 6 days into this whole being a parent thing, and Brandy and I have discovered that we inhabit a completely different world than we did a week ago. Some changes we've noticed:

- There are germs everywhere. I guess they were there before, but we didn't bother them and they didn't bother us. Now we wash our hands 4,327 times a day. Not to mention giving out 'germ-fighting' mohawks during bathtime.

- Sleeping and eating are now extremely complicated acts. It used to be that we could sit down and enjoy a nice meal together and go to bed at a decent hour. Now I'm lucky if I only spill part of my macaroni and cheese on my infant daughter at 3am. Of course it doesn't matter how exhausted you look in a picture because everyone is looking at the baby.

- Bodily functions have never been more fun. Gas from the mouth and rear quarters are cheered and celebrated as major accomplishments, and we're always on the lookout for the ever-elusive poo. And gas faces are so much fun.


jamye said...

Danny, you are hilarious!
And you and Brandy have one beautiful baby.
Hopefully, Jono and I will see you guys in K-town soon. We can't wait to meet Virginia!

Derek said...

Good for you & Brandy -- congratulations! Virginia looks wonderful. You can definitely see the Downing resemblance.

I hope you & Brandy get some sleep and a meal together every now and then. Good luck on your new adventure.


gran said...

Love the mohawk today. Needs a bow! (Tee Hee) You don't look that tired Danny. Love you!