Saturday, August 27, 2005

Hanging at the Homestead

For those of you wondering what we do in the Downing household, this is a pretty typical evening spent with our children. Can you pick out which bundle is Virginia and which is Chowder?


Our guest holders today are all the wonderful people who have kept us from starving to death while we've been figuring out how to take care of our kid.

Addey brough us awesome skillet turkey and dressing with all the fixins.

Ashley and her husband Russell brought us fried chicken, mac and cheese with green chiles and an amazing salad.

Sharla dropped by and gave us a huge Honeybaked Ham from work that we've been eating on for almost a week now.

Amy and Ali brought us Saveli's famous lasagna, garlic bread and salad. We do love our Italian!

And Sarah brought us homemade chicken pot pie and brownies (thanks for saving us some Trey!).

So if you want to hold our baby, just bring us some food and she's all yours.

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Carla said...

Danny and Brandy

Thanks for keeping us up to date!! Can not wait to hold her. She is just beautiful!!!